Sunday, October 20, 2013

Natti (of CunninLynguists) - Another Galaxy


[Verse 1]
I'm lifted drifting in clouds I created
In a world full of sadiddy I'm sedated
But not barbershop related
More like a jumpshot leaned back and made it
Soaring through the sky so high
Gravity no longer applies
In search of truth while the world spins on lies
Revised televised tell me lies tell me lies
Life is a gamble mark the cards load the dice
Backstabbers find the best spines to bury knives
May they die the true death addicted to every vice
See the barrel and catch every bullet like Jerry Rice
I feel like Simon Phoenix unthawed and we all nice
Rappin' soft as hospital cotton is alright alright
Dressed like Brian McKnight in all white pants tight
Till they west story and prance light and dance fight
Damn it this is not my planet
At least I hope not cause I really can't stand it
If it is so be it I speak it how I see it
Let that be the dirty acres flag pledge allegiance
[Verse 2]
We lifted drifting in clouds we created
In a world full of sadiddy we sedated
But not barbershop related
More like a jumpshot leaned back we made it
Free as the bird I'm flippin' the earth
Feed 'em sour d by the Oscar flippin' the earth
Run in the blunt catchin' the rapture rippin' the earth
Shotgunnin' a dime with an extra clip in her purse
The type of chick to suggest that you sit and build with her first
Grew up singing in church but dreamed of being a nurse
Sayin this that and the first about which rappers she twerked
Then she blah blah blah I blasted off to the stars
I'm h'suffin dro out these jars
My mind travelin' throughout bars
I blazed so far to the future my kids were in flying cars
I’m set on invading Venus you keep the penis on mars
A few medicinal additions and a box of Cuban cigars
All I need to escape is some Kryptonite and cape
A Samsonite and some tape for some high shit that I'm building
While I'm staring lost at the ceiling, and the paint on the walls is peelin'
Hear tires on the block squealing and back to earth with the billions

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